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The Club which emerged to change the whole music scene of Nightclubs and Nightlife in India, offering the biggest capacity in the country and the mystique of the three circles. Termed as the 'Mini Arena', Prism embodies what an indulgent nightlife experience truly stands for. A true paradise for escaping from the realms of daily hustle and bustle to surrendering yourself to the uplifting music in an exuberant setting. We are ready to break the mold and raise the bar for folks looking for more than what's already on offer. An unforgettable nightlife experience, only at Prism. A place crafted with a bold vision to revolutionize and curate the ultimate party setting.


2019 - 2020 was fairly nascent for us.

It was just a few months since inception, but we went all guns blazing. With massive nights pretty much every week! Taking a quick ride to flashback the magic took place under the 3 rings! With much gratitude to the musical family who made 2019 more exhilarating.


From hidden talents to label founders, from top-notch producers to sheer genius behind the console, we had some of the biggest names leaving their mark with some artists who made their first-ever visit.


Who can forget that iconic Monday night when we fought all odds and filled the club to the brim. Here to the artists who are globe trotters as festival headliners and show stoppers creating floor mayhem in Prism.


The music scene of a city is built on the foundation of homegrown talents. Some of these artists have gone into making it big globally. Remember Prism Anniversary?? Raising a toast for the one who is the warrior of the growing eco-system and has built a cult across the country.

PSY Acts

It's that moment when People discovered a world where boundaries no longer separate differences but brought them together in the name of communion and understanding. It's that year when the world's top psychedelic stars made their way to the magical den @prismhyderabad.

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About Prism

One ray of white light can create a whole rainbow of colors as long as there’s the right prism to facilitate that. Prism, the first of its kind nightclub in Hyderabad, draws inspiration from the very concept and imbibes that into all of its interiors with international standard lighting systems and enthralling exteriors. From gigantic club areas to pools and quaint outdoor lounges. Prism promises to celebrate your every mood... continue reading


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