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club & Kitchen

About us:

One ray of white light can create a whole rainbow of colors as long as there’s the right prism to facilitate that. Prism, the first of its kind nightclub in Hyderabad, draws inspiration from the very concept and imbibes that into all of its interiors with international standard lighting systems and enthralling exteriors. From gigantic club areas to pools and quaint outdoor lounges. Prism promises to celebrate your every mood.


Prism embodies what an indulgent nightlife experience truly stands for - escaping the realms of the daily hustle and surrendering yourself to uplifting music in an exuberant setting. The Club is legit changing the whole music scene of Nightclubs and Hyderabad Nightlife rated 5 on 5, withholds the biggest capacity and the magic of three circles. It's termed as the 'Mini Arena'

Defining a new age of indulgent party experiences, Prism Club and Kitchen, is the first-of-its-kind nightclub in Hyderabad spread over three acres, imbibes all its interiors with international standard cutting-edge lighting and sound systems along with enthralling exteriors invites guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience. Lose yourself to the uplifting music, pausing only to gorge on the delicious fare and exotic cocktails.

Why should you visit us?

Prism Club and Kitchen carefully curates the ultimate party experience with its spectacular use of lights, an impressive bar island, and one of the largest dance floors in the town.

The club offers multiple seating options - from bar stools, and comfortable sofas in the lounge, to tables that provide easy access to the dance floor. Guests can also enjoy their evening by the patio, or dive into Prism’s beautiful pool.


Unique cocktails, like the Jager Iced Tea, are essential for a great sundowner. This potent coconotion is a blend of white spirits, with a dash of energy drink. A popular digestif ties the combination together, making each sip a pleasant experience. Teetotallers will really enjoy Go Crazy. This creamy mocktail infuses milk, chocolate sauce, and cookie crumble - a nostalgic combination for many. Pair it with the crunchy Double Hot Chicken Wings, that balances the sweetness of the drink. This layered dish hides soft chunks of meat under the fiery bite of its peri-peri marinade.


Among the various offerings on Prism’s menu, Tandoori Khazana stands out. Soaked in Indian spices, and hung curd, cubes of paneer are smoked in a tandoor. A pinch of Kashmiri chilli atop pineapple slices, elevates this recipe, while mint chutney effortlessly offsets the flavours of the combo. Treat yourself to Pannacotta, a delightful dessert that is sure to win hearts. A crown of milk and blackcurrant rest on a base of glazed and moulded heavy cream. Each bite promises a flavoursome treat, enhanced by the nuttiness of crushed walnut topping.

With a focus on innovation, and promoting newer talents, Vinay Parepalli and Abhinav Deshmukh, launched Prism Club and Kitchen on 17th November 2018 . Prism literally shook Hyderabad on New Year’s Eve, when every celebrity in town walked through its gates. It was a spectacle to watch more than 5000 people partying under one roof. Prism also focuses on offering corporates a dynamic space to host activities during the day and enjoy dinner and drinks through the late evening.

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